Electric skateboard

Electric skateboard? You can not get around it. You have been admiring electric skateboards for longer than you will admit.

Now is the time, and you have already taken the first step towards a legendary everyday life. Roadsurfing has Denmark’s best electric skateboards, and you might as well realise that it is time to jump on the electric skateboard wave.

Welcome to…

Denmarks best electric skateboards

How does an electric skateboard work?

Remote Control

An electric skateboard from Roadsurfing is controlled by a remote control, which is used by a ‘wheel’ to accelerate and brake. The wheel ensures that you can easily control speed, acceleration and braking ability without being thrown by the electric skateboard. On the remote control, you can quickly switch between the different speed levels Our remote controls are operated by 2.4G RF Technology, which ensures that the board and the remote control do not lose the connection.


The advertised battery range on an electric skateboard depends on driving style, weight, weather, road conditions and the like. Learn how to optimise your range here

The batteries are made up of 10-30 powerful battery cells from DMEGC, which is one of the world’s best battery manufacturers. This means that you get quality for the money and the longest possible battery life as well as durability.

In the future, we will be able to deliver so-called ‘battery packs’, which means that you can change the battery on the go, so that you can get the longest possible range on your electric skateboard.


The braking ability of an electric skateboard from RoadSurfing is perfected to give you a smooth and delicious experience.

In daily traffic, it is extremely important to be able to brake quickly, but at the same time hard braking can throw you off the board. We have therefore created the perfect balance between fast and fluid braking, which gives you safe and easy braking.

NOTE: Remember that the board has regenerative brakes, which ensure that the battery regenerates as much battery as possible during braking.

Why is Roadsurfing Denmark's best electric skateboard?

Roadsurfing is first and foremost Denmark’s only Danish designed electric skateboard brand. We can sometimes be a few coins more expensive than the other brands you may be looking at from overseas. Remember, though, that here you get, for example

Super fast delivery
Simple right?
Of course we do that for free.
All you have to do is order before 13.00 on a weekday. Then we start the car so you can get your electric skateboard the following weekday.

Call us and get an expert on the phone who can answer allyour questions – Or write an email and avoid waiting weeks for answers.

Mistakes are human and unfortunately impossible to completely get around. Therefore, we have a Danish workshop that can correct any errors or complaints on an electric skateboard from Roadsurfing. We will aim to fix your board and have it back to you within 10 days, though this will vary dependent on the country you reside in.

Tired of cheap junk and dangerous products? As a Danish company, we are subject to the European standards that help to ensure quality and prevent you from having the house burned downwhen you plug your charger into your board.

Of course. You deserve assurance of the quality our product.

There are a lot of obligations to comply with when selling electric skateboards. With us, you are sure that we have everything under control. This includes:

  • Danish VAT
  • CE Certification
  • WEEE Legislation
  • BAT Legislation
  • Right of complaint
  • Right of withdrawal
  • And much more

Electric skateboards and water?

The battery and ESC are protected by strong plastic, which provides high protection and low weight.

Although your electric skateboard has a strong and secure box that protects the board, please do not ride in wet conditions. The electric skateboard is made to run in dry weather and water can damage the board.

Driving in wet conditions is at your own risk and a complaint will not cover repairs made by driving in wet conditions. This is true even if it is not raining. TO CHECK