Electric skateboard is for most people still a new way of transportation and the technology is growing rapidly. RoadSurfing is intensively following the developments in order to always offer the newest technology inside electric skateboards.
With our new model RoadSurfing Longboard 2.0 you will enjoy a cruising experience, which will make even the most critical and incarnated longboard enthusiasts head over heels.

RoadSurfing has built a new and improved electric skateboard. Below you can see what we have improved from model 1.0

  • Super-flex: We have implemented an entire new deck built of bamboo and fiberglass. The combination will give you a thinner and more neat deck as well a super flexible feeling, taking your driving experience to a new level. Improved cruising, smaller turning radius and better shock absorbing is only few of the advantages in the new deck.
  • New super soft polyurethane wheels with 78a durometer will give you better grip, traction and reduced vibration on your electric skateboard trips. We even designed the print on the wheels with reflective print giving the board a nice look during night riding. Making you more visible during night provides extra safety as well.
  • Belt or Hub? A question always up for debate in the electric skateboard community. Now you can choose yourself. Choose between dual 1000W belt motor system providing you more torch or dual 250W hub motor system giving you more range and less maintenance.
  • New changeable polyurethane hub motors: Getting your hub motor wheels worn out will not give you headaches anymore. Our new hub motors will have changeable polyurethane, giving you the opportunity to change it if necessary.
  • Integrated thread: On our new electric skateboard you will find the thread directly integrated into the deck. This will give you a more clean design with less holes in the griptape and making it easier to maintain repairs or change battery on the go.
  • New remote with LED display and more comfortable design.
  • Upgraded performance: We upgraded the performance by adding more torch in the acceleration as well as upgrading the brakes. The wheel design on the remote still gives you the possibility to brake or accelerate slowly if preferred.
  • New design: A new electric skateboard model invites to new design. Griptape, wheels, deck and bushing has all been updated in design.


Electric skateboard
Electric skateboard



When braking on an electric skateboard from RoadSurfing you will notice how that it is designed to give you a smooth and safe experience

It is important to be able to brake quickly in the traffic, but braking too hard could potentially throw you off your board. We have found the perfect balance between quick and smooth braking, which will provide you with a safe and easy braking experience.


ATT: Remember that our electric skateboards has regenerative brakes which regenerates an amount of energy to the battery when braking. This provides you with a longer battery range.


An electric skateboard from RoadSurfing is being controlled by a remote with noticeable features. The integrated wheel in the remote gives you the possibility to easily control your speed, acceleration and braking without being thrown off your electric skateboard.

With the turn-on button on the remote you can quickly switch between the 3 different speed modes which can be seen on the integrated LED screen. The screen also provides you with a nice overview of battery level, speed and kilometers driven.

The remote is being paired with the eboard through a 2.4G RF technology, providing a stable and secure connection


Battery and ESC is protected by a strong stainless aluminium case which provides safe protection and low weight.

Even though your electric skateboard has a strong and safe case protecting the parts you should avoid driving on wet roads. The electric skateboard should be driven in dry weather as water can damage your board.

The noise level in hub motors is low enough for some people not to notice that you are driving an electric skateboard while the noise level in belt motors is fairly high. However the powerful noise on belt motor is enjoyed by many enthusiastic e-skaters.


The advertised battery range on our electric skateboards depends on driving style, weight, weather, road conditions and likewise. Learn how to optimize your range by clicking here.

Our batteries are built from 20 powerful battery cells from known brands such as Panasonic and Samsung. This makes sure you get the best possible quality and longest possible battery life.
On our hub motor version you can choose between:
4.4 Ah 10s2p Samsung
6.4 Ah 10s2p Panasonic 

As we have developed integrated thread in our deck you now have the possibility to change your battery on the road, by adding an extra battery to your cart.