The family just got bigger

The Legit

The Legit is the first fully road legal electric skateboard to enter the Scandinavian market. The Legit Roadsurfing has a maximum speed of 20km/h and a range of 15km and comes complete with integrated lights and E/IA approved reflectors.

Sleek design with inspiration from traditional skateboarding, lightweight and easy to carry, get from A to B with ease and in style.

2.999 kr

The Composed

Power, speed, comfort and range. What more could you ask for?

With a top speed of 38km/h, a range of 25km, a luxury longboard design and components which promise a smooth, comfortable ride, take your journeys to the next level with The Composed.

3.999 kr.

The Ultimate

In short, The Ultimate is our best board so far. Our highest top speed at 45km/h, our longest range at 36km, with amazing flexibility and a unique arrowhead design, all alongside the latest technology. If you are after the full experience without any limitations, look no further than The Ultimate.

The Ultimate is available in two versions Hub and Belt.

Hub – 4.999 kr.

Belt – 5.499 kr.

New Accessories

We are also happy to offer you a range of new accessories.

Take your Ultimate [Belt] out into new terrains and explore forest trails and bumpy roads with our off-road set, and make sure to always drive safely and smartly with the new Roadsurfing helmet.

Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we launch more products, including the next generation of electric skateboard wheels, Cloudwheels.

Helmet – 299 kr.

Off Road kit – 1.499 kr.