How do I connect my remote to my Eboard?

To connect your remote control to the board, use the following guide:

Both remote control and board must be switched off from the start:
Step 1: Hold down the power button on the board for 6-8 seconds until the power button flashes lightning fast.
Step 2: Hold the power button on the remote control for 5-7 seconds until it has vibrated 3 times and 'connected' appears on your display.

On some of our board models, you will have the option to select various options. The correct settings are as follows:

KM/T - HUB - 90MM

On the 2.0 board, the option will be displayed, but you can not choose. Therefore, simply turn off the remote control and turn it on again. Then it is connected.

Why does my Eboard make a strange sound?

It is impossible to keep its eboard completely silent as it is very prone to impact, dirt, water and the like. However, there are several things you can do to reduce any noise.

My E-board rattles?

Be sure to tighten all screws and nuts thoroughly on your board. Since there are many vibrations in an eboard, you will find that screws sometimes need to be retightened. In 9 out of 10 cases, a rattling sound will occur because something is not properly tightened. We also recommend retightening before using the board, as our boards are assembled by completely genuine people who can make mistakes just like everyone else!

I experience a squeak that is worse than my grandmother's arthritis knee?

The squeak is a classic sound from Eboard and classic skateboards that come from your trucks. Specifically what is called 'Pivot'. You will never be able to completely remove this sound, but you can regularly clean, lubricate or replace your pivots. On YouTube, there are plenty of good guides for cleaning his pivots, such as this video.
It does not ruin your skateboard to ride with squeaky sound.

My engines on Eboard clap as much as a full Parken when Mikkel Damsgaard excels on the Danish national team!

You must have your tyres tightened. Try to tighten the 5 screws that fasten the black rim to the wheel. Does it not help? Then try the following:
The inner core of the tire is made of aluminum, which can expand slightly when heated. Therefore, we must have the tyre filled. You must unscrew the 5 screws and remove the black rims. Then you can quietly push the tyre off. Now clean the inside of the tyre, then apply 2-3 strips of wire tape to the inside of the tyre. Then you can mount the tyre + rim on the engine again. Then you have a flawless engine!

It does not ruin your e-board to run with the clapping sound.

My engines say a really loud engine noise?

There can be several reasons why you experience loud engine noises. Most often, however, we experience that the engines have been exposed to a lot of water/salt or sand/dirt. Especially salt and water are the 2 worst sinners. Other times, the engines have simply been used very much. A loud noise from the engines almost never means that something is wrong, but is instead a sign of wear. You can therefore continue to drive as usual.
Should you be interested in getting your engines completely up to date, you typically replace the entire engine instead of repairing them, as they are very compact and therefore difficult / time consuming to repair.

How far can my e-board run on one charge?

A question that often comes up, but which is more complex than assumed. There are a lot of parameters, all of which affect the range. However, these factors are the most decisive:
- Weight load
- Weather conditions
- Road conditions
- Driving patterns
- Temperature
- And the like

You can be 100% sure that we do not tamper with the numbers. Our test driver weighs 68kg and all our boards have been thoroughly tested by this person.
We try to be completely transparent in our marketing. If we write e.g. 15-25 km on a single charge, then you can expect 25km to be the optimal range, while 15km should be the minimum range. In other words, to reach 25 km, it requires good asphalt, low weight load, optimal temperature (15-20 ° Celsius), no headwind, flat road and that you do not drive top speed all the way, and avoid too many decelerations / accelerations.

You can read much more about how to optimize your reach on your board on our blog post here.

What are the rules for eboards?

We strongly recommend that you read the rules at the Danish Transport Authority for eboards, which you can find by clicking here.

Below you see a clip from the board:
Age requirements: You must be 15 years of age to ride a self-balancing vehicle and motorized skateboard. If you are under the age of 15, you can use the board under the supervision and control of an adult or in signposted play and living areas.

Scope: As a rule, you must ride according to the rules for bicycles. However, you may only drive on sections where there is a cycle path and must follow cyclist signals and signs. However, if you are driving on a stretch within a densely populated area that has a speed limit of no more than 50 km/h, the vehicles may be driven on the road if there is no cycle path.

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